Solar Energy Systems


Solar energy provides environmental and financial benefits for agricultural and commercial businesses. Rebates, tax credits and incentive programs are available from federal , state and local governments, to help pay for new system costs for solar photovoltaic projects. Using solar energy can minimize your operating costs while reducing your overall carbon footprint. Solar renewable energy systems normally generate power for many years with little or no maintenance and ongoing operating expenses are extremely low.

Turnkey Solar Energy Solutions

Wind & Solar Specialists provides engineering, design, project management and financial incentive expertise to give you with a turnkey solution for renewable energy projects. By providing our customers with a full service solution, we can help ensure a successful project.

Some examples of our services:

  • Sales and service of small wind and solar equipment and systems
  • Site selection with the experience of an in-house meteorologist
  • Grant writing service
  • Complete loan applications
  • Complete federal and state incentive applications
  • Complete interconnect agreements
  • Experienced and established utility side experience
  • Project engineering
  • Construction and construction management
  • Project Maintenance
  • Customer Education
  • Securing commodity broker for REC’s